Waterfront Restaurants In Louisville KY

The Best Louisville Waterfront Restaurants

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Try  dining by the Ohio River at one of the best Louisville waterfront restaurants. When you're in the mood for a great meal, a cool breeze off of the water and a quiet moment to watch the boats and barges go by, stop in for a meal at one of these Louisville waterfront restaurants:

Captains Quarters

Easily Louisville's number one choice for waterfront restaurants in this city. Located on Louisville's east end along scenic River Road.  Great view of the river and fine food with entertainment on the weekends.

The food is as great as the view at this riverfront restaurant, and with 99 cent margaritas on Mondays and kids-eat-free Sunday specials, there's a good reason to stop in for a meal most days of the week.

KingFish, a local landmark since Derby Day 1948, continues to ply diners with the same traditional seafood fare as ever in the same generous portions. The real attraction to KingFish, other than the view of the Ohio, is old-fashioned fish and seafood served fried with golf ball-sized hush puppies, fries and coleslaw.

RIVUE, the revolving restaurant at the top of the Galt House, is not technically on the river—it's 25 stories above the river. Still, the restaurant offers one the the best views of the Ohio in the city alongside fantastic upscale fare.

Rocky's Italian Grill
Rocky's is technically across the river in Jeffersonville, but with food and a view this great, it's hard to leave off of the list. The seminola for the pasta at Rocky's is imported, the ingredients are fresh and crisp, the bread is baked hot and fresh, and the pizza is made from an old family recipe.

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MillaNova Winery Mt. Washington KY.



MillaNova Winery in Mount Washington: New Vineyard Earns High Marks

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Kentucky is well know for it's whiskey to be sure..More and more Kentucky is being established as wine country as well.

For  the owners of MillaNova Winery in Mount Washington, Kentucky, a longtime dream has turned into a reality. Not long after John Miller bought a 22-acre farm with the intention of developing it, the economy weakened and Miller, along with his wife, Donna, decided instead to open MillaNova Winery.

“Having a winery was something we always wanted to do,” says John Miller. “It was mostly just talk.” But once they had the land on Gentry Lane in Bullitt County, the idea seemed feasible. “I told my wife, ‘Let’s do it. I’m going to be retiring in a few years, and this will be something to do together. Now’s the time.’”

In October 2009, the winery officially opened, its name a blend of John’s surname and Donna’s maiden name, Terranova. In less than two years, MillaNova Winery has earned a reputation for its finely crafted wines and scenic facilities, located 28 miles southeast of Louisville off Highway 44 and Bethel Church Road.

The winery received gold and silver awards in the 2010 Kentucky Derby Festival competition and gold, silver and bronze awards at last year’s Kentucky State Fair. MillaNova’s winemaker, Raymond Meyer, has twice won Best of Show in the Amateur Division in the Indianapolis International Wine Competition and has also won the Wine Maker Magazine International Amateur Wine Competition and the National American Wine Society Amateur Wine Competition.

MillaNova is open daily for wine tastings. Wines are sold by the glass, bottle or case. A 50- by 60-foot covered pavilion provides a panoramic view of the landscape and makes an ideal setting for weddings, reunions, meetings and other social events.

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Maker’s Mark Distillery Tour

Maker’s Mark Distillery: A Tour as Distinctive as That Red Wax

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Planet-Louisville is pleased to share this great article from  Hello-Louisville.....

Maker’s Mark Distillery, one of the six stops on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, is located 16 miles outside Bardstown, KY, about an hour and a half from Louisville. Follow the brown landmark signs along winding two-lane roads to the Maker’s Mark Distillery picturesque property, where the dark-brown buildings have red shutters with cutouts in the shape of the Maker’s bottle.

On the one-hour tour you’ll see all aspects of production, from the bubbling mash in the cypress fermenter (you can stick your finger in and taste it) to the bottling line, where each bottle is hand-dipped into the signature red wax. Keep a lookout on the bottling line for a “slam dunk,” where the bottle is dipped halfway down into the red wax. Only two of these bottles are shipped per every 90 cases.

You’ll learn that Maker’s uses red winter wheat instead of the more typical rye, which makes its whisky sweeter than others. You’ll also learn why it’s called “whisky,” without the “e.” And you’ll hear about Maker’s 46, the distillery’s first new bourbon creation in 52 years. Released in 2010, Maker’s 46 is barrel-finished – aged two to three months longer than traditional Maker’s in barrels to which French oak staves have been added. It’s 94 proof, slightly higher than the 90-proof original.

Follow your tour with a meal at the new Toll Gate Café, where you can enjoy a bourbon barbecue pulled-pork sandwich, a bourbon Black Angus cheddar burger ($6.99 each) or a deli sandwich ($1.99 to $5.99), along with a variety of sides (99 cents each) and bourbon cookies ($1.99 each). The café (1-270-865-4982) is open 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Maker's Mark Distillery is closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and  Easter, and on Sundays in January and February.

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Fish-Fry House Louisville KY

Now Open The Fish-Fry House Bardstown Road

Home of the Fresh Seafood and Chicken !!!

On my recent visit to The Fish-Fry House on Bardstown Rd. I sampled a couple of their Appetizers. The Mini Crab Cakes and The Alligator Tail.  Both choices were delicious, and well prepared.


2280 Bardstown Road, 

Louisville ,Ky



The Fish-Fry House now open in the Highlands ,has a menu complete with Appetizers, Homemade Soups and Salads, Fish Sandwich Selections, Platters and a nice selection of Individual Side Order Selections.


Also to help make this Restaurant complete is a unique well stocked Full Bar to complement your food selection.

The Menue prices are around $7.00 for a Fish sandwich and no more than $12.50 for the Platters. There are Carry Out Box meals on the menu for a treat to take home also.

I will give the Fish-Fry House a 5 Star Rating for their.....

Beautiful Modern Decor

 Food Quality

Great Service


 and the Experience that makes a customer want to return....

Click the Link Below to Urbanspoom.com 

<a href="http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/51/1633377/restaurant/Belknap/The-Fish-Fry-House-Louisville"><img alt="The Fish Fry House on Urbanspoon" src="http://www.urbanspoon.com/b/link/1633377/minilink.gif" style="border:none;width:130px;height:36px" /></a>

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The Pub Louisville

The Pub Louisville: Authentic British Fare and Really Short Skirts

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If your idea of fun is authentic British pub food, rousing live music and cute girls in really short kilts, head down to The Pub Louisville. The Pub Louisville is probably one of the most authentic British pubs you’ll find in the South, and certainly in Kentucky.

The Pub at Fourth Street Live has a literally huge selection of beers from all parts of the United Kingdom, as well as Jamaica, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and other countries. There’s also a fairly long menu of single malt scotches and whisky (the British spell it without an “e”), as well as bourbons and fruitier fare for those that can’t handle the hard stuff.  

The menu isn’t your typical Kentucky pub grub. This stuff is actually quite delicious and some of it is relatively authentic, to boot. Try the British choices like the Scottish Egg (egg wrapped in sausage and bread crumbs), Shepherd’s Pie or Fish & Chips. The Full Monty, a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, wheat toast and bangers or bacon, is so authentic you’ll think you woke up in a London hotel. If you’re looking for something a little less authentic, try the fried pickles and Pub Sliders. Get a side order of sweet potato frieds, too: they're delicious.  

A note about the kilts at The Pub: all of the staff wear kilts, both the guys and the girls. The men’s are a bit more realistic, hailing back to the dress of bonnie ole’ Scotland. The girls’ kilts are so short they would scandalize even the rowdiest Highland clan. Wonder who gets the biggest tips?  

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Molly Malone’s Louisville Bar

Molly Malone's: Where the Guinness is Flowing, and the Whisky is Too

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Molly Malone's, Flanagan's, O'Shea's: Baxter Avenue in the Highlands has more Irish pubs than some streets in Ireland itself, and it can be hard to choose between them. Perhaps that’s the appeal of the stretch: if you don’t like one pub, there’s another next door. And another. And another. But start at Molly Malone’s on the corner of Morton Avenue, and you may not want to leave.

By day, Molly’s is a quaint Irish pub with good food. Stop in for a relatively quiet afternoon and enjoy a pint of Guinness while watching any of a number of popular Irish sports like football (soccer), rugby and hurling on the big screen TVs.    

But by night, Molly’s quickly fills up to become a packed bar scene of mostly 20-somethings. If you’re not into crowds, stick to the weekdays.

Molly Malone’s has great food, so grab a table in the back and load up. There are Irish favorites like corned beef hash and soda bread, smoked salmon and Irish mussels simmering in a sauce of lager, juice, cream and garlic. Or try the more American dishes like friend green tomatoes, potato skins, veggie egg roles and calamari.   

For dinner, stick with the Ireland-inspired entrees like shepherd’s pie, bangers (sausage) and mash (mashed potatoes), corned beef and cabbage, Irish lamb stew or fish ‘n chips. There’s also a selection of sandwiches and salads.  

Molly’s has the usual list of drinks, several on tap and several by bottle. Given that it’s an Irish pub, Guinness on tap is certainly a popular option. Or perhaps any of the Irish whiskeys or single malt scotches.  

Molly’s also recently bought the Celtic gift shop next door, now called Molly’s Celtic Centre. They have the largest selection of Irish goodies in Louisville, including jewelry, crystal, thick wool sweaters and an assortment of gifts. So stop in and do some shopping while you’re in the area.    

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Louisville Beer Store

Louisville Beer Store: It's All About the Beer

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At the Louisville Beer Store in the NuLu East Market Street district, it’s likely you’ll run into Sam, a regular patron who rides around town on his bike collecting aluminum cans. Sam is full of stories, like the one about how Ty Pennington, of ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, happened to pop into the Louisville Beer Store and spend several hours there when he was in town staying at the upscale 21 C Hotel.

How Pennington, or any of a growing group of local craft beer lovers, find the small storefront on Market remains a mystery. But once inside Louisville Beer Store there are plenty of options, including eight rotating taps of brews you won't find anywhere else in town.

And there's no shortage of knowledgeable people on the topic of beer. Out back, the recently-completed patio is, again, nothing fancy, but a comfortable spot to have a pint, while Sam’s cats wander around the alley.

Tasting is encouraged. For a buck, you can order a two ounce taste of any of the eight ever-changing beers on tap. And if you find something you like, the Beer Store has a "growler" service so you can fill up your own container to take home. If sampling craft beer from breweries across the U.S. and the world are more your style, there are literally more than a hundred to choose from.

More encouraging of tasting happens during the store’s special events, including a monthly “Ladies Beer Club” event, which includes a guest speaker. It occurs on a Tuesday, and speakers have included chefs, brewers and even a chocolatier.

But the ultimate tasting experience occurs every Sunday, when the Beer Store offers T.A.S.T.E, (Try Another! Sunday Tasting Event), which includes something new every week.

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Captains Quarters Restaurant Louisville KY

Captains Quarters Restaurant

 The History of Captain's Quarters

Although the exact date is lost in time and legend, it must have been just before the turn of the nineteenth century that Harrod's Creek, named for Colonel James Harrod, was laid out by the Transylvania Company and the old Harrod's Tavern was built on this picturesque site. Its first proprietor was one Captain Cavendar, who, realizing the need for a way station for weary river travelers, offered grog, conversation and overnight lodging (in lean-tos nestled against the side of the building) to the procession of boatmen, adventurers and settlers who traveled this way.

This jutting point of land where the Indiana current swings across stream and pushes for awhile against the Kentucky shore was a natural, as well as a wise stopping place for river traffic some 175 years ago, since wary river captains were loath to take the falls of the Ohio in darkness. Cargo unloaded here was carted over the old Harrods Creek Road to Middletown, Jeffersontown and the "settlement" of Louisville.  Cargo going the other way was loaded here to find its way downstream or to points north via the ferry (rigged by the enterprising Captain Cavendar) across the river to Utica.

Drifting and poling gave way to steam, and from the vantage point of old Harrod's Tavern was seen the first steamboat, Robert Fulton's "New Orleans", which came down the river in 1811. The stone walls, which still stand today, and the hand hewn girders of the old place rang with the laughter and talk of river faring men whose vessels were moored here, awaiting weather, high water or daylight.

Antebellum Louisville had not quite cemented its superiority over its various Falls rivals in the 1830's. The Portland Canal- which would eventually mean longterm prosperity-was newly opened in 1832, its significance still problematical. Other struggling towns-upriver and across the Ohio-harbored visions of growth, each attracting new settlers and risk takers.

Harrods Creek was such a town. The village had been laid out earlier in the century at the mouth of the creek. Overland travelers to Louisville could expect an entire day to journal from this point-and vice versa-making a stop at Harrods Creek a necessity. Moreover, Utica Indiana-directly across the Ohio- demanded a link to the Kentucky Shore. 

Captains Quarters Restaurant

A ferry between Utica and Harrods Creek in the 1830's drew the first developers of the Captain's Quarters site.  The Lentz family, natives of Germany, had immigrated to Utica and Clark County from Pennsylvania shortly after the turn of the century, drawn to opportunities and quickly establishing themselves as successful millers and farmers. By operating the ferry between the two towns, the Lentzes secured an advantage over other mills.

The Lentz family began assembling land for development below the mouth of Harrods Creek in the early 1840's, a natural progression from farmer to miller and ferry operator. The land-amounting to about 100 acres-was unimproved before the Lentz's acquisition, coming out of one of the country's original surveys. The Lentzes-using the stone and millwork construction popular in the 1840's, erected at least one building to house a tavern as well as other enterprises, such as a storehouse, docks and the like.

The Lentz Family was in the right place and the right time. While Harrods Creek obviously never challenged the regions most prominent cities and towns, the Lentz's businesses managed to prosper on Harrods Creek for most of the 19th century. Mary Lentz Cavender ended 50 years of family ownership when she sold the place as a widow in 1890.

Though much-altered, the Lentz Tavern is a graphic reminder of early settlement in Jefferson County and the Falls region. Few local examples of riverside architecture survive in any form from before 1850 providing a unique window on life before trains and rapid industrialization.

Well, this is some part of the story... and we hope you've found it interesting. The Captain's Quarters Restaurant is dedicated to the proposition that camaraderie, warmth and hospitality live today within these old (and new) walls as surely as it did when the sign outside read "Harrods Tavern".


About Us

Captain's Quarters Restaurant is owned and operated by Mastoras Ventures, LLC. Under the same ownership as Masterson's Catering, The Olmsted, Courtyard Cafe.

Purchased by Paul, Brian, Andrew Masterson and Sueanna Masterson on January 1, 2003 from Greg, Alex and Philip Masterson.

The Masterson family has been serving the community since 1939. The first food service operation was founded by Nicholas Mastoras, on the corner of 6th & Congress Alley. The Masterson operation has grown from that 10 stool restaurant, to Louisville's largest full-service banquet, catering and restaurant operator.

5700 Captain's Quarters Road
Prospect, KY 40059

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday
11:30a — 10:00p
Friday & Saturday
11:30a — 11:00p
10:30a — 2:30p (Brunch)
11:30a — 10:00p (Menu )
Today, we employ nearly 400 of Louisville's finest hospitality staff. Our "Hub" of operations is based at our 55,000 sq. ft. facility located at 1231 Lexington Rd.

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The Blind Pig Restaurant Louisville KY

The Skinny On The Blind Pig Restaurant Louisville KY

From The Owner:

The Blind Pig is a gastropub located in scenic Butchertown near downtown Louisville, KY. We were established in March, 2010 by Joe Frase (Owner/Head Chef) and Michael Grider (Owner) with the  assistance of Jeremy Johnson (General Manager/Sommelier) and David Metcalf (Assistant Manager). 

We specialize in house made European comfort food and offer an old-world centric wine program, innovative cocktail list, and wide reaching beer list.

All of our food is prepared in-house from curing and smoking our meats to stuffing our sausages by hand. Our wine list emphasizes a hands on and sustainable approach to winemaking, with a majority of our wines coming from sustainable (or better) estate grown producers.

We make all of our bitters and other miscellaneous cocktail accouterments in house.

Butchertown's Premier Swine Dining Establishment....


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Silver Dollar Restaurant Louisville KY

The Silver Dollar, a honky-tonk-style restaurant in the Clifton neighborhood, opened on the last week of November 2011.

The interior of the former Clifton firehouse features “a lot of brick and wood.” The 43-foot-bar and seating booths were made with old wood from the Old Crow Distillery.

The menu features Midwestern favorites with a Mexican influence, 80 Kentucky bourbons and an extensive list of American craft beers.

Rick Rice the owner said, “We’ve had a really great reception” since the restaurant opened Nov. 22.

He hopes The Silver Dollar, which is open from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week, will bring a night crowd to the neighborhood.

“There really wasn’t any kind of night scene over on Frankfort Avenue,” he said.

The Silver Dollar was designed to attract customers from within and outside of the Clifton neighborhood, Rice said.

“We do want to be a destination point, but we want to be a part of the neighborhood as well,” he said.

The restaurant will extend its hours to include lunch in the spring, he said, and will add another 15 employees to the 35 employees it has now. |

Welcome to The Silver Dollar

The mid 1930’s bore witness to the large-scale exodus of people from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri to California. This dust bowl migration, as it became known, wrested hundreds of thousands away from their homes, their farms and their culture in search of a better life for their families. There were jobs in California, everybody said so, and fresh fruit and vegetables and a climate so mild that, as the song goes, people sleep out every night.

What they found however was something altogether different; they might sleep out under the stars but only because they couldn’t afford a place to live; yes they could pick cotton, as many had done back home, and they could follow the fruit as each crop was ready to harvest but when they went looking for a steady job, or a place to eat or just a place to pray, they felt unwanted, judged and stereotyped – the signs in the shops read “No Okies,” and even if they were from Arkansas they knew it meant them.

They were shunned by native Californians and forced to stick together; but the very things that were singled out to ostracize the Okies – food, dress, religion, music, their very way of speaking English – were the only things they knew. So, out of necessity they created a subculture of their own. And, from this crucible of prejudice was forged one of the great musical styles of the 20th Century.

It became known as the Bakersfield Sound, and it forever changed not only country music, but music. Just as Nashville was going the way of pop music and the vocal chorus, Okies like Wynn Stewart, Buck Owens and Merle Haggard were playing music as hardscrabble as their people - tough rhythmic music, characterized by the slap of a Fender Telecaster, wailing pedal steel and searing vocal harmonies. It was music meant to be heard over the incessant din of a honky tonk, of which Bakersfield had plenty; places like The Barrel House, Doc’s Club, Ethyl’s Corral, High Pockets and The Blackboard.

The Silver Dollar tries in its own way to honor this wonderful music, these great juke joints and the spirited people who inhabited them.

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