Karaoke In Louisville KY

Best Place to Karaoke In Louisville KY.

Karaoke is going strong in the city of Louisville KY. Louisville has dozens of venue's and a time every day of the week, yes even on Sunday, to get out and Karaoke. Now Louisville has an East Side, a West Side and a South Side and we even have a North Side if you include Indiana so where is a person to go to do a little Karaoke singing? The answer to that question is simple " any side", yeah any side of Louisville Ky will have plenty of venue's with plenty of times on plenty of days.

The Calendar on www.nightoutlouisville.com our sister website has the most complete listing of Karaoke nights in the Louisville and Indiana area. Now we here at the Planet do not do a lot of Karaoke singing however we have a number of friends that are great singers and we go out often to hear them Karaoke.

I am going to be diplomatic and not suggest one venue over another here because all the venue's I have been to have had a unique personality all of their own, each one being well worth the trip out. There is even one for the over 60 crowd at the VFW on Bardstown Rd. in the Highlands every Friday night at 7pm.

Great food, inexpensive drinks and a good night out always are included in a Louisville Ky. Karaoke Night.



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